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Collision Safety Consultants are independent, unbiased vehicle damage appraisers and inspectors specializing in the areas of vehicle diminished value, total loss assessments and pre-purchase & post collision repair inspections.

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Collision Safety Consultants serves customers throughout North America, with physical locations throughout the United States. Our professionals have decades of experience in the Collision Repair industry, and have dedicated their expertise to Consumer Protection. 

Find the location nearest you to get help with pre-purchase inspections, post-repair inspections, and diminished value appraisals. We'll help you make sure your vehicle is returned to pre-accident safety, and that you are compensated for your vehicle's loss in value. 


Diminished Value

Did you realize you may be entitled to financial compensation for your vehicle's loss of value after an accident?

Diminished Value is the amount of your vehicle's pre-loss valuation that is not restored by the repair process. There are three types of Diminished Value:

➤ Immediate Diminished value

This represents the difference in resale value before the accident vs. after the accident.

➤ Inherent Diminished value

This represents the loss in value that occurs due to the fact that your vehicle now has an accident history. Even if your vehicle has been fully restored to pre-accident condition, Inherent Diminished Value occurs.

➤ Repair-Related Diminished value

This represents the loss in value that occurs when your vehicle is not fully or properly restored to pre-accident condition. These kinds of improper repairs can mean that your vehicle is no longer as safe as it was before your accident. Ensuring safety is one of the most important reasons to get a post-repair inspection, especially after an accident that causes structural damage.